I was in my room, and my mom knocks on my door.
I’m supposed to go to the doctor she says
and then im about to open the door to ask her why
and this lady punches through the door with a syringe
and injects me with some shit
so then im like screaming wtf have u done to me
and the lady doctor just stands there like job well done
and my mom is kinda cold but smiling, telling me that it is good for me
that i need it
some vaccine i guess
5 seconds later
im punching the doctor in the face, i grab the needle and jab it into her neck
i also spent a good portion of this dream getting dressed
i put on bloomers and a big, calf length shredded purple skirt over that and then a shorter black skirt on top, and I had a nice short sleeved black button down shirt tucked in with a purple slip tie and belt
i was seriously coordinated.
so im stabbing this bitch, and my mom starts getting scared
and im pissed at her
im pissed for like, days
my thumb throbs where the needle assaulted me
and im thinking about all the disgusting chemicals and poison in my blood
settling in the fatty tissues around my organs
clogging and destroying my neural pathways
we sit down to dinner and dad keeps asking me what my beef is
and mom just sits there kinda hurt but still feigning like she’s got the moral high ground
while i grill her with eyes of burning rage
oh yeah, and we are living on like, a house boat made out of junked wood and metal and shipping pallets and shit
it’s got a fucked up screened in porch over the water
on the bank of some lake or river or maybe the gulf in louisiana
in like, a houseboat community/trailor park
and it starts raining
i take all my clothes off and start dancing in it
all the little toothless neighborhood kids are giggling
and asking me why im nekid
i tell them its a special shower im having with god
and they all run away.
i walk around to the other side of the house
and suddenly i’m in the middle of times square
like right across from the ticket booth
and a cop is asking me why i stabbed that lady
and then i woke up to go chunk chicken for my cats with my shiny new meat cleaver.


i just realize that there is cat…..in every piece on this blog. All art contain cat. I’m almost sure. realization is startling, then almost frightening, then acceptable, then appreciated, then adored. i will not try to put cats in future, but this, revelation, now makes it impossible to sub-consciously cat my works. Especially since I have felt it necessary to …….express this occurrence to you, it is now quitely established as more than only a passing ponderance.

this is good.